Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shedding Light Project Schedule

Shedding Light will come to life in December 2009. In the darkest month of the year, it's cold, there might be snow on the ground. Imagine a long, wooden barn sitting alone in a vast field. Each night as the sun goes down, the lights come on and shine out onto the landscape like a lantern.

Present - December 2008
Project design and fund raising

February 2009
Installation testing

February 2009 - December 2009
Refinement of design
Project fund raising continues

December 2009
Project installation and viewing
Exhibits and Lectures

Being Green

Among the many ideas influencing Shedding Light is that family farms are in jeopardy. Far Shed has been standing for nearly 200 years and, while it's in no danger of falling down just yet, it could use a little love and updating to make it more functional for a wider array of uses.

Thanks to a brilliant idea by Amherst Public Art Commission Chair, Terry Rooney, Shedding Light proposes to use a photovoltaic array (solar panels) to offset the energy consumed by the lighting the barn for the month of December 2009. Terry came up with the idea to use solar energy to light the barn in honor of our sustainable Amherst community. While the project is temporary (only lasting a month), the pv system will remain on the farm to help offset the cost of electricity for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Collaborators

This project would not be possible without the contributions of ideas and expertise of many individuals and organizations.

Most significantly, Swartz Family Farms has offered their "Far Shed" for the project. They have my eternal, heartfelt appreciation for their donation.

Also vital to the success of this project is the Town of Amherst (especially Town Manager Larry Shaffer and Terry Rooney of the Amherst Public Art Commission). They have embraced the idea of Shedding Light and I am working with them to clear the way for the project.

I would also like to acknowledge the participation of University of Massachusetts Amherst and Professor Dr. David Damery Director Building Materials and Wood Technology in the Dept. of Natural Resources Conservation. In addition to providing expertise on alternative energies, Dr. Damery is involving his students in the design of the photovoltaic array that will provide power to the lights.

wunderarts, a fabulous contemporary art gallery in Amherst, has invited Shedding Light to exhibit images of the installation and will host film and lectures in December 2009.

Theatrix of Belchertown, MA has provided lighting design consultation.

Since the project will only exist for a month, it will have a second life on film. I have also started discussing the project with award winning documentary filmmaker Kate Geis.