Friday, January 1, 2010

Photographer Charlotte Meryman took some lovely photos of the shed a few nights ago that she posted on her blog... Check them out at

Amazing Aerials

A couple more of Anita's aerial images, December 18, 2009.Our pilot from Northampton Aeronautics, John Smith.
Above is Anita, intrepid photographer!

New Year Thoughts

It felt great to turn off the shed lights for the final time + bring this project to a close last night at midnight. Thank you to each and every person who helped to make this project a reality + thanks to those who've taken a trip to see it, shared your own photos + comments. Hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I did! Happy New Year.
With gratitude, Erika
Isn't that amazing? Anita Licis-Ribak and I flew over Shedding Light a few nights ago in a Piper Warrior 4-seater plane. What an experience to see it from above! More pics to come...